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Trash or Treasure

Happy Day, Reader!   

Sorry to leave you for so long without a new post, I know you’re crying out for entertainment! At least that’s what I tell myself to justify the time I spend typing up words instead of doing More Productive Things.  This is productive, right? Because it makes my brain think a little bit. Very little, but I’m still counting it. 

I’ve been super busy lately.  Preparing my life for a bad-ass garage sale. Because I’m getting rid of stuff. The rule here is, if it doesn’t fit in this space, it has to go. Because I’m never going to have a bigger house than this one, and so I’m done with hanging on to things for “one day.”  I have even made the decision to pull out my china and use it on a more everyday basis, because what enjoyment am I getting from it keeping it in pristine condition in a box in the garage? Zero enjoyment, Reader. That’s how much. 

It dawned on me recently what a waste it is to keep and hang on to stuff for “one day” while I was helping my friendie clean out her attic. There was a beautiful china set, and furniture and just stuff that people had to keep, and while today it’s sort of antique-y and vintage-y and worth a couple of bucks, is it really worth it to clutter up an entire attic and let some other generation sort through it all?  

I don’t have a next generation to sort through all my shit so it would either end up in someone elses garage sale, or get auctioned off for a nominal amount and someone would be cursing me because it became their problem.  

I’ve gone through a few estate sales in the area lately and they always leave me blue. It’s some old person’s life, spread out there with quarter price tags attached, and some of it is such shit no one even wants it for even a quarter. Collections and treasures and vacation memorabilia.  

I live a much more sparsely decorated existence than I have in the past. I have things out that remind me of a great vacation, a great person, a great time, etc. But the shit I have in boxes or that doesn’t matter at all to me? It’s going For Sale.  At least I’ll get to spend the quarter that it brings.  Probably in Vegas. Next month, as a matter of fact. 

So come over, Readers! This Thurs-Fri-Sat.  Don’t miss out on purchasing something from Chez Bang Bang! And I’m selling hot dogs, too! Get your wieners here!! 

I think that’ll be my slogan. 

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