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The Bang Bang Theories

To Have and To Hold

Kenny’s grandma died last Saturday.  We held her funeral today.  Ninety-five years, and it’s never quite enough time, is it.  

I’ve been busy with that this week. A lot of hugging has been involved, which is seriously not my strong suit. I’m trying to get better at it, but I’m concerned I’m becoming an over-hugger. And a too-tight-hugger. It’s a fine line, that hugging thing.  Too loose seems disingenuous, too short seems standoffish, too tight may not only be painful, but clingy as well and too long seems like someone should be buying someone dinner afterward.  I’m just not sure about the whole thing.  

In other news, I found out via phone call that my youngest nephew is getting married on Saturday morning. That’s tomorrow.  So I’ve gotta put on a dress and go to that extravaganza in the park. 

In even other news, my oldest nephew, who was supposed to get married in June, has postponed the whole thing for some convoluted reason I couldn’t quite understand. They’re still together, and may or may not already be married, I’m really not quite sure. 

I guess I’m on a need-to-know-basis, and I’m okay with that. 

Just tell me where to be, I’ll be there. 

And I may even smother you with a hug when I see you. 

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