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Morning Glory

Sometimes I have hare-brained ideas, Reader. I know you find that hard to believe, because I’m always so sane and rational. But it’s true.

I was coffee-creamer shamed recently and forced to do the calorie count of just how much coffee creamer I was using per cup. We won’t point fingers at who did the shaming, but it wouldn’t be too hard of a guess for you. I knew my creamer had 35 calories per serving. I guess I was just a little out of touch with what a tablespoon of creamer actually looked like in my cup. 

Because once I measured it out, I was using almost 1/4 of a cup per cup, or 100 calories worth of creamer in each mug.   

So this does seem like a logical place to cut back, right? One little easy-peasy switch could save me 700 to 1400 calories per week, depending upon my coffee dependency that week. 

I used up the last of my deliciously flavored creamer and then made the very harsh and bitter switch to 2% milk.  

I did not enjoy, nor look forward to, my morning cuppa coffee any longer, Reader. It became just a necessity rather than a luxury.  

I had morning sadness. 

But I was doing it for the greater good, meaning just a little step towards a healthier lifestyle. I kept clinging to that thought, every time I sipped my coffee and was sad about it. 

Then my friendie Michele said, “Oh, I’m not doing that, sometimes coffee is all I have to look forward to during the day!” 

That kept replaying in my brain. What if that cuppa coffee is the best part of my day, and I’ve just shortchanged myself right from the start? 

I kept up the sad coffee for about two weeks. 

And then last night, while at the Walmart to buy a new wheel for my filing cabinet that somewhere lost a wheel, which is a whole other complaint, I said in my brain, “Fuck this, I’m bringing back joy to my morning coffee, in the form of Almond Joy creamer!” and put it right in my cart. 

Because I’m no skinnier for denying myself my coffee pleasure. I’m only sadder. 

I greeted this morning with a hot cuppa coffee and my Almond Joy creamer.  However, I did measure out one serving size, that’s my concession I’m making with myself, and while it’s not quite as milky and delicious as it was with a quarter cup of creamer in it, it was still a delight with the coconutty flavor I love. 

So there.  No more morning coffee frowny face for this girl.   

Life’s too short for sad coffee. 

2 thoughts on “Morning Glory

  1. Well, Yvonne, my mouth is happy to report that I'm back to my normal serving of coffee creamer. The whole measuring nonsense was making me sad, too, because I like my coffee the way I like it. So yay for good coffee again!!

  2. Tracye – I love this! I have had the same exact internal argument and ongoing struggle about my coffee creamer! I miss it and am sad without it, I depend on it, and it can make a huge difference in how you start your day! I love it – Great post!

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