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Hydration. And Free Stuff.

Ever since I got back from vacation I’ve been a little obsessed with water, Reader. Maybe because I was surrounded by it for so many days.  Often, while I looked out at the ocean from my balcony on the cruise ship it crossed my mind what a better experience I was having than the guy from the movie Unbroken, and I wondered if he had ever wanted to go on a cruise ship and I made up my own answer of probably not.  I know my dad won’t go on a cruise and he lives in Florida and could easily hop aboard one, but his response is always, (read with a Virginia twang, I don’t know how to type with a southern accent) “I travelled overseas on a boat durrin’ the war, I don’t need to do that again!” And he cannot be convinced it wouldn’t be similar at all. He’s been enough places, he says. 

But back to the point of this story, which is water. Good ‘ol H2O.  

I met a guy who happens to be one of Frankie Valli’s Seasons, and we were talking a lot about water. He is a believer and a distributor of the Kangen water ionization system, and we had a lot of chats about it, and water in general.  I’m considering getting one, or something similar (but less expensive) for the kitchen. Maybe. I need to do more research before I shell out thousands of dollars.  And mull it over. Because for $4k, I could buy a hot tub, which is also water, and could bring me even more joy. I need to pick and choose my water needs. 

In the meantime, I came home from my trip and got busy with one of the things The Season and I talked about, which was how the body loses two cups of water just from sleeping, and probably more like four cups in my case in direct proportion to how much I sleep.  Two cups are for amateur sleepers. I went pro a long time ago. 

So instead of my morning cuppa coffee on my way into work, I now drink two cups of water with a half a sliced up Meyer Lemon in it before I’m allowed my coffee “treat.” The first Monday back to work, where I also put this new plan into practice because I’m apparently a glutton for punishment, I thought I’d feel cranky and tired. 

Nay, nay, Reader. It had just the opposite effect. I was spunky and lively and didn’t even get the 2 o’clock snoozies that normally set in.  I drank more water throughout the day, with the Meyer Lemon providing a refreshing little twist and I walked more than normal due to the frequent fill-ups and emptying-s. 

Now, Reader. Don’t think I don’t know all about how water’s good for you, and adding lemon is beneficial, blah blah blah. 

I know all that. 

Just sometimes, I need to re-hear things, and then it settles into my brain and I think, “Yeah, I’m gonna give that a go.” So it’s not like I even think I’m providing you with novel information. I’m not. You probably already drink me under the table and do some other even healthier things. I’m just saying, I’m starting up some healthy habits, and water is my focus at the moment. 

And because I’m trying up something new, and feeling good about things, I figured I’d pass along something GREAT to you, Reader, which makes this my first ever Trixie Bang Bang Giveaway, and it has nothing to do with my vagina, so I can hear your sighs of relief all the way over here. I mean, I’ve given that thing away plenty over the years, ya’ll deserve something brand-spanking new and nice. 

What you’re going to get, Reader, is one of my newest, most favorite things. I had mentioned this on Facebook a few weeks ago, and I finally got my order and love these things so damn hard, I want to share the joy. Because I’m like Oprah, only poorer-er and more sweary-er, but basically I’m good people despite what you may have read on the bathroom walls. 

All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me about your most favorite health tip – one that’s easy to do, Reader, something I might actually try, so don’t give me some nonsense about joining a crossfit gym, because crazy talk – OR you share your most favorite thing here that is not exercise or vagina-related – OR you just say hi (and tell me I’m pretty and nice, because hey while you’re here). The point is, you have to leave a comment so I know who to put into the hat to pick. 

“But what do we get for all that effort, Trixie??”  I hear you all the way over here, and know you’re anxious to find out your Major Award. 

One winner will get one of my newest, most favorite thing, which is a Simbi Clay bracelet. 

Now, let me tell you a little bit about this fantastical prize. 

I met the VP of this little company and fell in love with their mission statement and product. Simbi clay collection is made of pure clay harvested in the mountains of Haiti.  They are hand-rolled, baked and painted by hand. The beads are 100% organic and biodegradable, thus nurturing the earth’s cycle of life. Each clay bracelet creates 15 sustainable jobs in Haiti. And this is where the gift ties back to the whole water theme of this post:  Each bracelet sold provides one gallon of clean water to Haiti. 

One winner will get their choice of either a Purple or Grey bracelet. Each bracelet has two teensy charms, one is stamped with H2O, the other with the Simbi logo. This is a $28 value, Reader, and it can be yours FREE because Trixie believes in paying it forward. No jokies here, I feel so fortunate that I met the wonderful person who works for this company, hearing about their mission, and having the opportunity to buy these myself – I’m excited to share with you. All you need to do is share your words, and I’ll share the bracelet. You’ll get to feel like you’re doing something good for the world, only you’re not really, because I did all the good, but you can pretend. We don’t judge here. And once you get yours you can go and buy more to have a whole jangalie arm of bracelets, and everyone will ask you about your awesome bracelet and then they’ll tell two friends, and so on and so on….

Here are the basic giveaway rules:
1/ Must leave a comment with a name so I can put it in a hat (probably will be a bowl because I don’t have a hat, except for a Cabo Wabo hat that I bought while drunk-shopping in Cabo several years ago, so actually that might be the hat I use because fitting). 

2/All comments must be posted with this entry, not some other random entry about Oreo’s, they won’t count. 

3/Giveaway comments must be posted by Saturday, February 28th at midnight EST. But if you post it later than that, I’ll probably take it, too, because I’ll be sleeping at midnight most likely. So basically, I have to see your comment when I get up Sunday morning March 1st, whatever time that might be. 

4/ Winner will be picked on Sunday March 1st. It may get crazy around here and have a video drawing so there’s no question of shenanigans. 

5/ Bracelet will be shipped out within three days of my receiving winner’s mailing address. I’ll even ship this internationally, because I’m pretty sure there’s a low risk to that commitment. 

6/ Trixie Bang Bang reserves all rights to kick out any comment that is mean, shitty or otherwise offensive to either herself, her blog, her cats, her vagina, the bracelets, or any other comment she hates, for that matter. Because it’s her give-away so suck it if you don’t like the rules. 

From the Simbi website: 
Clean water is our answer to save lives, improve lives, and empower lives and will hopefully eradicate the cholera outbreak that surfaced in Haiti 3 years ago.

I think I’ve covered it all here, Reader. The first official Trixie Bang Bang Giveaway. And water. Delicious, refreshing, who-needs-coffee-in-the-morning water. 

Leave a comment. We can be arm-twinsies. 

14 thoughts on “Hydration. And Free Stuff.

  1. Trixie, this is so cool! I totally don't drink enough water – probably bc I'm only thirsty at night and drinking anything after 8 pm is a recipe for "I gotta pee" sleep disruption. Thanks for the Meyer lemon trick!

    As for a health tip? I'm a night owl but started exercising in the morning before I'm awake enough to know better. It's made a big difference – I'm less likely to skip a workout, and I feel all smug and empowered. I may even drop crappy little comments like, "After my morning workout …" or "I'll take care of that as soon as I work out …" Clearly, it's made me insufferable. But in a good way. Right? Right?

  2. Ashee, Carla, Hannah – thanks for stopping by and leaving great tips. Carla, I'm going to check that youtube out. Hannah, don't drink whiskey, you're still 8 years old in my mind 🙂 I have a fitbit, needs a battery, it's going to be a priority to fix this week so I have vision to how sedentary i just might be, and fix it. Carla, you did comment on fb, and your tip was stay away from oreos, which was a good advice. but also sort of cruel an unusual punishment 🙂

  3. You are pretty and nice and I thought I did this already. My most recent health tip is to exercise indoors at home in bad westher by using the START American Heart Association 3 mile walk on youtube. It is easy, free, amd adds a lot of steps to your day, which works especially well if you have a fit fit for motivation. Leave me out of the hat because I want to buy my own bracelet. They are beautiful amd I love the cause. And don't forget how pretty and nice you are.

  4. I recently joined the wave of people getting a Fitbit- the watch that doubles as a health motivator. It counts your steps (although would be more accurate for an elephant as it doesn't seem to be all that sensitive to human steps), tracks your sleep time and quality, calories burned, and has the ability to track your food/calories consumed on the phone app. I haven't taken the time to scan and enter all my food each day, but I must say my roommate does that and when she buckles down on the health train I usually lose weight too. 😉 There is something about this device that makes everyday functioning more rewarding! I love seeing how many of my mammothly enhanced steps this thing is actually counting. And honestly, the sleep part is the coolest. One the off days that I have enough time and wherewithal to drag my booty to the gym, it seems like I have an extra motivator with me to pat me on the back. Although I don't utilize my Fitbit to its full potential, I enjoy it and recommend it for anyone hoping to become more conscious of their activity. For now, I drink a lot of water because it's my favorite beverage (second to whiskey) and it's healthy, I eat a significant amount of dessert because it makes me happy, and I wear this 'Jack Bauer-esque secret agent looking' wrist band to track my progress and motivate my lifestyle. Cheers,
    Hannah Baldwin-May

  5. Lurker-turned-commenter because PRETTY!

    My fav tip is, when your sweet-tooth becomes a raging bitch and you NEEDSWEETSNOW!, brush your teeth. You get a nice taste in your mouth, plus you're less likely to eat something right after you brush, giving (hopefully) enough time for the craving to pass.

  6. we recently have been trying to drink out of large mason jar glasses to reduce disposable waste and encourage more water drinking. Plus their fun looking too. looking forward to hearing if *maybe* i won!

  7. @Hoff, I'm trying to do a gallon a day, too – sometimes I just lose count. But I've def upped my game in the water arena, and now get at least twelve 8 oz glasses a day. I'm still thirsty because my house is so dry, I think I'm really dehydrated, too, and need to filll up the tank.

    @Jackie, i've tried the exercise part, too, and water is more fun 😉

  8. I'm currently doing the gallon of water a day challenge. It's simple, just drink 16 cups of water a day, which is double the recommended. Besides all the benefits, I have realized that A. I don't drink enough water and B. One gallon of water really isn't all that much and C. I'm dehydrated, because after 2 weeks of 1 gallon a day, I'm still thirsty. Pass the water.

  9. Ah, the Meyer Lemon is the Cadillac of lemons. Per wikipedia, it's thought to be a cross between a true lemon and either a mandarin or common orange.

    They are juicy and a delicious lemon, and I got a whole bag of 'em from The Walmart for cheap. In addition to adding it to my water, I squoze (??) one into my lemon bars to make them healthy, too.

  10. I know not of any healthy tidbits to share, but I do have a question. What is a Meyer lemon and how do they differ some a plain ol' lemon? JMCMAHAN

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