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The Bang Bang Theories

Happy Now Year

Why is it that the turning of a calendar page makes everything feel possible?  Why couldn’t any Thursday do that for us, Reader? Because truly, any day is a day to move the needle in the direction towards your North Star.

Little shifts, Reader. That’s all you need to do, each day, a little shift.  Turn a negative thought off. Turn reliving in the past off. Turn a future dream on.  Little by little, and let’s see where we come out at the end of 2015. 

I hope you find some inspiration.  I’m cheating and just posting a few things I’ve been inspired by, because I planned a party for tomorrow (because crazy) and now have a house that begs to be cleaned. 

Learn from your past before you leave it behind. 

Last night while I watched the ball drop and listened to Taylor Swift rock in the new year I took a look back at 2014 and made a list of the best parts of 2014.  You were probably on it, Reader.  

But the best best part of 2014 for me? Were my three rescued hillbilly river rat kittens. Because while they cost me a fortune, and have added to the cleaning, and ruined the Christmas tree, I love them in my life. 

So yeah. Sometimes it’s the small furry things. Take that for what you will, Reader. 
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