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The Bang Bang Theories

Ciao, Reader!

Hi, Reader! Long time no chat.  Well, a one-sided chat, but a chat none-the-less. 

Sorry I left you with that last stinky post for so long. 

This is not going to be much of anything, either. Ya wanna know why??  Well, I’ll tell ya why. Because I’m off to Milan for a work trip. Yep, working at Tiny Town has finally delivered the best payoff since I started. One of my vendors invited me to a conference by the Italian Trade Commission. Score for me. It pays to be nice. 

I’ll let that sink in for a moment and let the jealousy take hold. Because this? Is going to be the best work trip. Ever.  Unless I get Taken and sold into some sort of weird fetish sex slavery cult, where men want overweight, middle-aged women with arthritis and big tits.  Because I’m prime pickings for that little genre.  

So unless that happens, I’ll be in Milan. Then maybe possibly Venice for a night. Then I’m off to Switzerland, Lucerne to be exact, where I shall drink cocoa and say, “Aw!” as I drink in the sights and my beverage. 

Don’t try to rob my house, Bad Guys. I’ve got Kenny and eight guard cats here.  Yep, you read that right. Eight of ’em.  Enter at your own risk. They just might pee on you, based on how they’re acting lately.

I’m heading out in five minutes, but I made time for you, Reader. Because you’re that important to me. And I needed to gloat.  Ahem. Sorry. 

Enjoy your week! I should be drunk by tomorrow evening on fine wine. Which makes me classy. 

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