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The Bang Bang Theories

Her Cups Runneth Over

Good day, Reader! It’s a glorious sunshiny, low-humidity Saturday here. Cats are on the deck sunning themselves and chasing a bumblebee that keeps landing in the flowers I planted on the deck. Which, by the way, I hadn’t considered the repercussions of bee-attraction when I decided I needed flowers on the deck. 

I have a couple planters of these, thanks to my friendie Vera who brought me the deck rail holder thingies. Yes, that’s the official name of the thingie. 

These on the deck are fairing much better than the plants in the front yard, which are a buffet for deer. They’ve plumb trimmed my hostas back to tiny sticks. 

Thanks a lot, Bambi.  On a related nature/gardening note, I have not seen the snakes since their first outing in the spring. Maybe they weren’t so excited to see me, either, and moved it along. I will say that I had my hairdresser/friend Michele gather up a bag of hair for me to sprinkle around the outside of the house to deter the snakes, because I read that online and the Internets knows everything. I never got around to sprinkling it, however, because People and My Mister thought it was creepy and that we’d look like that house that was maybe creating a human skin suit inside. So the hair is still in a bag in the garage (don’t tell My Mister, he will be creeped out even more….sshhhhh!). 

So you remember that post where I mentioned I was trying to teach My Mister how and where to kiss Kitty Purry while I was on vacation? Right here on her exposed tummy?

First, let me answer your question. NO, we don’t shave her tummy. That would be weird, and we are a lot of things around here, but cat-tummy-shavers are NOT one of them. Like Gaga, she was born this way. 

Well, here is a close up of her little kitty nips I cautioned that he avoid: 

I feel very exploitative even posting these on here. But you see how I had a valid concern?? If you’re going to kiss her on the tum-tum, this area needs to be avoided or it crosses some sort of line.  

It’s probably best that he avoided the whole thing all together.  

Kitty Purry might need a training bra.    
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