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The Bang Bang Theories

My Hole.

Here lies before you, Reader, the evidence of the Holy Ghost.  Witness the Hole Line Up. 

I’ve put a piece of toilet paper under the holes so you can really appreciate them. 

The teensy hole in the blue shirt was something I discovered today as I was looking in the mirror, discerning just how noticeable the giant coffee spot was on the front of my shirt that had spilled there on my drive in. For an 8:30 meeting. With a lot of people.

The coffee spot was very noticeable, in case you were wondering. 

I “hid” the teensy starter hole by scrunching up the sleeves. 

I was pretty much a hot mess. 

But back to the business at hand, or should I say elbow. 

Notice how they’re all right there, in the same spot?? I’ve really done some examining of my desk space and don’t see an obvious hole-maker.  

My Mister checked my elbow for sharp and pointy parts, but determined that while they were a bit scaly, it didn’t seem to be hole-making worthy. 

So that leads us back to the original explanation. Ghosts in the closet. Who think my elbow needs freed from their cotton constraints. 

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