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All I’ve wanted lately is more free time, Reader. Just time to eff-off, sit, relax, read, watch the telly and write ridiculous stuff here.

Well, this weekend I’ve finally had that time. I have not done one productive thing.  

Christmas is 80% taken down. I thought I’d accomplish the other 20% this weekend, but instead we lazed around.

I bought a new hardwood floor cleaning machine and we got it assembled, but haven’t used it yet. I thought this would be the weekend. It wasn’t. 

My kitchen looks like a bomb went off. We cleaned the garage last weekend so we could park the convertible in there during the Freezebaby, and while we did accomplish that, the stuff that moved from the garage to the house hasn’t quite made it into “put away” status. 

I thought that the time I spent NOT putting stuff away would free me up for writing, but all it really did was give me an excuse to sit and intermittently nap. 

I don’t have anything to write about. Which is why I am giving you this bunch of nonsense. I think the only thing worse than not providing new material for my lone reader is providing an excuse about why you’re not getting anything new to read. 

I’m just..dried up with words. I know, I know! You find it hard to believe, too. I’ve usually got so many to say, but right now, when I have the time, I can’t think of one thing to say. 

Sorry about that. 

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