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Match Game

Big news, Reader! I’ve joined Match.com. Or something like that, I thought it was Match.com, but I think now it’s called Chemistry.com. 

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. What happened to My Mister?! 

He’s still in the picture. We decided to try out being Swingers for 2014. Everyone’s gotta have a goal. 

Not really.

Really, what happened is this: our mutual friend has found himself at a table for one, and is dipping in toes in the dating pool. He was so eager to talk about this whole crazy personality test that is now administered by Match.com, that I was too intrigued not to try it. And by trying it, you have to make a free account.

I don’t think the personality test really captured my essence, but then I did have a lot of trouble answering the questions and kept asking My Mister to tell me what he thought the best answers were to describe me, which is a whole other problem – that I don’t even know myself. 

So maybe it was skewed in some weird direction. It says I am a “Negotiator” with a secondary trait of “Builder.” I think more fitting descriptors would be “Bossy” with a secondary trait of “Shouty.”

Now since I have an online profile, I can’t wait to see who I’m matched up with. Not that I have any interest – except for one guy who was decent looking and indicated his salary range was in the $150-$200k range, and My Mister and I both want to date him as a package deal. 

I just want to see who’s out there, ya know, who’s swimming around in my potential pool.

I want My Mister to take the test and sign up, so we could see who attracts the most viable candidates, but he hasn’t so far. He told me to just do it for him. which I think would get him negative points somehow. 

Today I was super excited because I had two emails, and a few winks. And then I clicked on their photos and read their profiles and I was much less thrilled by who I attracted. Not judging a book by his cover, but ya gotta work with me a little bit here, Dating Site. A lady ~ ahem ~ has her standards.

Some guys were dismissed because I have no doubt that, “he can do better than me.” I mean, really, sometimes ya just know. 

And if there is any of these key words in their profile, I know we will not be a Match. 

*punctuality is important
*seeks an even-tempered woman
*no drama
*enjoys working out and keeping physically fit
*loves camping
*organized and tidy

And any Conservatives who enjoy “lively” political debates. I hide that nonsense on Facebook for a reason, I don’t need to date it. 

Probably the most fun part about it was writing a profile about myself because it just doesn’t matter. 
“must love t.v* is one of my criteria.  Because Honey Boo Boo ain’t gonna watch itself.

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