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Neighborhood Watch

Okay, so I know you’re sick of my House Love, but Holy Mother, does this house ever make me happy!!  

Parts I love on the weekend are leisurely waking up with cats all over the bed and the sounds of the crickets, birds and other trill-y things squawking in the back yard. 

And doing dishes. 

Because right now, while I type this? I’m doing dishes. 

Because I have a dishwasher. 

Ah, the simple things I’ve missed. 

This weekend is the big push to get all unpacked and put away. Mostly put away. There will be things in the garage and basement that won’t quite make it to “away” satus, but I mean the main living areas. 

The kitchen is mostly done. More boxes are hiding somewhere, I shall find them today. 

This weekend is closets and bathrooms and living room. 

It’s going to be great.

And maybe we’ll have pictures to post by tomorrow. 

And you’ll get to see our ginormous telly in the living room. The same telly that the neighbors can see. From their living room. They’ve asked us to put some speakers outside so they can hear it, too.

I think I need to buy better curtains this weekend.

Not that I mind them watching the telly. 

But I’m still of the mindset of living in an upstairs where no one can see you naked. And so the neighbors might be getting a peep show, and at some point they’re going to complain. 

Or I’ll make them feel better about themselves, so really I’m doing the neighborhood a favor when I’m in my own house naked. 

It’s my community service. 

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