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The Bang Bang Theories

Movin’ On Up

What’s new, Reader?  Well, from my end of town, we saw a movie tonight. The new Tom Cruise flick, some sci-fi thing-a-ma-bob that was enjoyable enough. We went to the movies to distract us from waiting by the phone. Because we were waiting for the call from the realtor with a go or no-go on buying a house!!  

Yes!! We bought a house!!! Just like that.  A few short weeks ago we were just thinking about it, and then my perfect little house popped up. Just a mile from where we live as the crow flies, but it feels like a completely new neighborhood. 

We are excited and nervous and ready for a fresh start. 

I figure if I can’t take as many trips as I used to due to my time constraints of Tiny Town, I might as well have a cute little house to call my own. 

So now I need to do what all new home buyers do, and stalk Pinterest for ideas for paint and landscaping and decorating. A whole new way to fritter away my time has just opened up. 

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