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The Bang Bang Theories

Worth 2 in the Bush

Did you ever see the movie Election, Reader? If not, I recommend it. It’s a good time.

There. That’s my election post. 

I’d write more, but I had a hair-brained (or is it hare-brained?? I don’t think that’s very polite towards rabbits, actually, so I shall insult my hair instead) idea to glue on press-on nails. My friend wears them and they look really nice on her. I thought I’d copy and get a $6 manicure look from the comfort of my toilet seat. Because I put them on in the bathroom, Reader – duh. In case the glue spilled. So I have on my fake toilet-applied nails and I can’t type and would like to take them off but I’ve been advised that won’t be possible for several days, so instead I’ll type less and just go to bed. 

That’s why I haven’t written you any love letters lately. My nails are handicapped. Sort of literally – hand-(i)-capped – see how clever? Although they prefer “Differently Abled,” thank you very much. 

My nails, unlike my hair, don’t like to be demeaned. 
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