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The Bang Bang Theories

Semper Fi

My nephew graduated from Marine Corp Boot Camp yesterday. I’m so…choked up, proud, happy, sad (the little one who was a baby is now a grown adult male set to defend this country! – I cannot grasp that!), nostalgic for 18 and the world at your feet, all the Firsts to look forward to – First Loves, First Marriages (hey, I’m a realist), First House, First New Car, First Travels to other parts of the world – finding out who you are and what you’re made of. 

It makes me nostalgic. I’ve looked at his picture over and over and tear up every time. 

I wish my mother were here to see him. I pine, for not being able to talk to her about him and sharing in his moment with her.

I want so much for him!! I want him to live a happy life, and make good friends, and create a family he’s proud of, and find love and make some girl’s heart sing, and be honest, and have integrity so he looks back on life and he’s as proud of himself as I am right now. 

He’s had a rough time of life as a teen. My brother – his father – is an asshole of uncommon proportions. So to see him rise above? Well, bursting, that’s my heart.

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