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The Bang Bang Theories

That’s Nacho Cheese

I just ate my weight in cheese popcorn, Reader. Cause I weigh, like, 14 oz. or something like that. 

And then when I was done with the cheese popcorn, I got to scrape the cheesy buildup from my fingertips with my front teeth, sort of like cheesy popcorn dessert.  And it  also served as an appetizer, as I’m waiting for the Hunter & Gatherer to bring home a dinner from The Bell. 

p.s. – I worked out tonight after a long long long day at Tiny Town. You’d think that I would be inspired to come home and eat a mango instead of the artificial cheesy goodness, but you’d be wrong. 

Did I mention that my gym has televisions lined up in front of all the stationary equipment and you can zone out while working out? And there’s 12 of ’em lined up in front of the bikes I like to ride, and on the six telly’s that are within my viewing range, two of them air food shows. WHILE WE’RE WORKING OUT. AFTER NOT EATING DINNER YET. Always, always while I’ve been here I’ve been subjected to Man vs. Food. Tonight? I wanted to leap off the bike and into the telly and join him as he consumed Mount Nachismo (a giant heap of nachos) with a kiddie-pool size of queso on ’em. 

I tried to divert my attention to the Long Island Medium, but I forgot my headphones and Man vs. Heartattack had the closed caption going, so that’s what I focused in on.  And then wanted nachos and cheese and instead had cheesy popcorn while waiting for taco bell, so really, it’s almost the same thing exactly. 

And that’s that, as they say in show biz. 

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