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The Bang Bang Theories

Selling Out

Get ready for a rambling ride, because this has no clear focus, just a bunch of thoughts. 

First, blogspot changed the formatting here and I no likey. I know, I know – change is hard and uncomfortable. But I don’t realize the benefit of this one. It’s just confusing and making me not know how to format things. 

Now I’ve got that complaint out of the way. 

Next. My cat Twinkle Toes has been in the cat hospital since the day I got back from vacation. My regular reader knows about this already, so I won’t bore you with a recap, other than I’m Officially Complaining (via this vessel of communication) that I am unhappy, irritated, emotional and upset about the situation. Not to mention broke, because let’s be honest, 8 days in a cat hospital, a surgery (that yielded nothing), a slew of medicines (that seem to be working on his jaundice) and now he can’t pee and we don’t know why and it’s just getting more expensive by the day to make a cat pee.  So. I’m broke and a cry-baby mess. 

I’ve basically stopped with the basics in self-care. I don’t think I’ve fully washed my hair since last Monday. I’ve spot-washed it – it’s my cheater’s method of fake-cleaning, that includes washing the area around the face and bangs – but I’ve looked better, let’s be honest. 

So what’s a girl to do? Why, drink Crema de Tequila 1921 model, and sit in my pajamas – in a pair of new pajama pants, which by the way Kenny has informed me gives a giant camel toe effect – and blog and think about cleaning up stuff.  So I’ll sit here and drink a little. 

My big plans to pay off the cat are to start gathering up some stuff and putting it on Ebay to sell. I’ve got plenty of stuff. I’m in the beginning stages of gathering, and so far I’ve identified the following:

A few Coach purses
A Coach wallet 
A Coach watch
(do you see a name-brand theme here? – maybe I should package it all up and sell ’em together  – hmmm) 
A Movado black & gold watch – I’m looking for the box. I think I’ve got that somewhere. It was worn only a couple times. I’m ready to sell it. 
And some other random crap. 

That should net me a couple hundred bucks. Maybe. Or a giant bunch of headache. I think I have some Tiffany jewelry to put up for sale, too. I was on a buying spree at some point, and really don’t need any of that stuff anymore. Time to clean house! 

I’ve got a bunch of bottled up blog posts just waiting to break free, but they’re going to have to happen when I’m not quite so stressed and a little more creative. Oh, but the stories! Will definitely be worth the anticipation. Have I ever let you down? Reader, your loud guffaw is just borderline rude. But I’ll forgive it. 

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