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The Bang Bang Theories

Race the Sun

Well, time for another bout of Worldly Travels. This time, My Mister stays home (which is why I don’t mind announcing to the Internets that I’m traveling. Mi casa will be protected).

I’m off to Riviera Maya or Playa del Carmen or something. Wherever. I’m going with the girl who was my very best schoolhood friendie, from 5th grade on. We haven’t traveled together since we were about 17 or so. Should be fun, she knows my weirdness (I may have changed over the years, but the same weirdnesses follow me). She has 5 kids. She’s ready for a vacation where she’s not Mom. I’m there for her. I’m a good friend like that – my bag can be packed and ready to travel if and when you need me. Now I’m not the kinda friend who would babysit the 5 kids. See, know what you’re good at, work within those parameters.

It was nice having a day off prior to vacation to prepare. I did very important things. I smooched the kitties. A lot. Got my hairs did. Got a fake spray-on tan. Shopped for last-minute items. Washed laundry. Made some Mclovin’ with my honey since we’ll be apart for 5 days and he didn’t really want to send me off to the world of latino lovah’s without a tune up. So see, all those things were accomplished and it’s now time for me to sign off, paint my nails and go and catch 40 winks. We have to leave the house at 4 fucking 30 a.m., which is crazy talk, but it is the facts.

Alrightie, lift a drink and toast to the sun, and it will be like we’re on vacation together. I will do it often to make sure that at some point we are doing it together.
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