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Guilty Wieners and Dusty Eyes

I always feel like I’ve been let in on an inside secret when I finally realize the actual words to a song I’ve been mumbling through for years. You know those songs. The ones where you can understand most of it, and love those parts and sing them really loudly, but there’s that one line or two that you can’t quite make out, so you just sort of wing it.

I’ve been singing a line from a song like this, knowing I couldn’t quite make out the actual lyrics: “The dust is something something over and and over…” or sometimes I’d think it went like this: “The dust in your eyes is over and over.”

Sometimes I’d just start out “The Dust…” and trail off and jump in at the next line ...”Baby blue eyes, your head on my shoulder” – because I KNEW that line, and I’d get really loud there, to prove I knew it.

That’s a Rascal Flatts song, by the way. Your welcome. Because if I didn’t put it out there you’d have to go all the way to Almighty Google and just satisfy your curiosity.

Now you could be thinking, “Why not just to to Almighty Google and find out what the lyrics are, rather than singing the wrong line all the time?”

Which makes perfect sense, except that I enjoy the challenge of deciphering, Reader. Or I’m too lazy, or just not bothered as much as I am by, say, non-rhythmic trashcan poetry.

Because when you finally get the lyrics?? Oh, is it a smug smug moment. I smugged myself the whole 20 minute ride home, once I figured out the lyrics are actually, “A dust trail following an old red Nova.” Because the song is Fast Cars & Freedom. Now it makes sense, the Fast Cars part. Is a Nova a fast car??

Maybe that’s still the wrong line, but I feel as if I’ve really got it. And now I want them to play that song all the time so I can really belt it out.

Other songs that had me lyrically challenged? George Michael: “Two left feet have got no rhythm.”

Actually makes more sense than “Guilty feet”. Even “Guilty wieners got no rhythm” which is what I also thought it might be saying. And that even makes more sense, Guilty Wieners don’t DESERVE any rhythm!

And then there’s the song that has made-up words and you THINK you’re singing the wrong thing, and come to find out you’re doing it right all along.

Example: curialism
Really, song writer? Shame on you for tricking the public.

What have you got, Reader? What are your mystery lyrics?

2 thoughts on “Guilty Wieners and Dusty Eyes

  1. OK – I can't believe I will admit this but I used to think the song went, "way down south, rest here in my arms." Which made NO sense…Turns out, it is actually, "lay down Sally, rest here in my arms."

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