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The Bang Bang Theories

Unrest in the Sheets

Why not some cute cat pictures?

Here she is, my baby girl, helping me blog.

The most consistent name we’ve had to date has been Kitty Purry, or just Purry for short. I tested out Dora/Dory on her yesterday, it didn’t really take. I think we’ll stick to Purry, it’s been 3 months and time to settle on a name. Luckily she does purr, when she’s not growling at the other cats.

At night she sleeps tight against my side, and will stretch her paws all the way up to my lips and rest them there. Either I have bad breath, or she is trying to stop the snoring, or she wants a kissy on her feet. I default to the kissies on her feet, and smooch away.

She has learned to take a kiss rather well. When we first got her, she would jerk away like a startled virgin whenever I moved in for a smooch on her nose/side of her face. After constant repetition, she doesn’t startle much and will allow me unlimited smoochies.

Additionally, I’ve taught her the joys of sleeping under the blankets. At first she didn’t want to be covered up At. All. Nosirree. She needed to be able to make a quick get-away if necessary, unencumbered by the confines of blankets.

I began our Blanket Therapy by first making her a little blanket “nest” next to me, and kind of hooping the covers up on the sides. Not confining her, more like making a little fort of comfort. And then, ever-so-slowly, I’d edge a corner of the Cariloha sheet onto her torso. Do cats have torsos? Is that the accurate name for the cat midriff area?

She’s a lucky cat, to be ensconced in the Cariloha sheet. She must have recognized the magic powers of these sheets, and would relax right into them.

Now? I still build her a little nest, but now can get her completely covered up, with her little nose and paws sticking out.

And then I’m afraid to move all night, because I don’t want to disturb the cat.

I woke up around 4 a.m. this morning, floinking and complaining, disturbing everyone in bed. I felt boxed in. Confined. Restricted. Twinkle was conked out on the pillow above my head, his paws draped over onto my head, and Purry was in her cover cave, paws reaching up to me. Kenny on the other side, who was crowding me because Girl Cat was taking up more than her fair share of space on his side of the bed.

I created such a ruckus everyone was up and out. And then finally, I was able to comfortably adjust myself for my 2nd half of sleep, sweet sleep.

Toby? He’s happy making himself a little bed in the styrofoam casing that housed the new printer. Now he looks so cute in there, I don’t have the heart to throw it out, so I have this lying about my living room floor.

We closed him up in it with the top. He didn’t like that one bit.

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