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The Bang Bang Theories

Just a Bunch of Sentences

It’s really wrong that I had bacon for dinner. While watching The Biggest Loser.


Proud? No. Full? Yes.

But the bacon wasn’t really very good, it was too maple-y tasting. Twinkle Toes enjoyed it. And I had it originally planned as part of a BLT, but I don’t like my new whole-wheat bread, and the tomato was questionable. So really, a sad dinner – sad for a number of reasons.

Kenny’s up at The Islands (Put-in-Bay) for the night. Got a gig. He sounds like a rocker when I put it like that, huh? Kenny The Rocker. Pays $400 for the night, plus they put him up in a room and pay his meals, and his ferry ticket. So really, too good to pass up. I wish I could have gone with him, but I was busy at the Mines. And I had a Nerd Club contest to run today, which went well.

I need to be sitting here writing a speech for Nerd Club, for the Humorous Speech Contest we have next Tuesday, but I fear I only amuse myself (which is really the most important person I need to please).

What the hell is Anna Kornikova doing as a trainer on Biggest Loser?? Where’d the angular-faced Gillian person go?? What is HAPPENING in this world?? I can’t rely on any constants! Sheesh.!

Okay, whew, calming down, I can understand using Anna, I guess. She’s getting banged by Enrique Iglesias, lucky girl. She’s got a good reason to be skinny and nimble.

I think I’m going to use my time in the house to get to bed early for a change. I planned that last night, too, and it was midnight before I was sleeping, with the additional pleasure of waking up intermittently throughout the evening. I’ve got Things on my mind, consisting of a lot of work and how I’m going to get it all done. Tonight I take Tylenol PM to avoid such interruptions.

There, I’m all sorts of excitement. Who wouldn’t wanna be me.
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