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Where My Nose Has Been

Buried, that’s where. Buried in some books. My latest fascination has been The Hunger Games trilogy. I downloaded the first one as a test for my new Nook reader that I received from My Lovah as an early birthday gift.

I wasn’t sold on the thought of an e-reader, but decided on my last cruise that it was time. I hauled probably 12 lbs. worth of books to the Caribbean, and that’s just too much haulin’. So I got one early, in time for our next cruise, to see how I’m going to like it. I got the color version, so that I can test out magazines & whatnot, too.

Verdict? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing! I worried that I was going to miss the whole “reading a book, holding a book, looking at the cover, reading all the details, sniffing the pages” experience. I did not. That was far overshadowed by the ease of holding a light-as-a-feather reader with one hand, being able to increase the font-size to accommodate my old-ass eyes, and having the backlight to further assist my late-night reading pleasures.

So I started with The Hunger Games, and was completely hooked on yet another YA reading selection. What of it, Reader? It’s no secret I am known to enjoy the YA genre, including (but not limited to) The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants & Twilight series. I only indulged in the 1st of the Harry Potters, I found it enjoyable enough, but I guess I am more prone to teenage-angsty-lust – that has to comprise an element for me.

With The Hunger Games, we have another love triangle, between Katniss (main girl), and the two boys vying for her affections, Peeta & Gale. The tale is quite twisted, really, with a lot of death and the kids pitted against each other, having to kill each other until only 1 person remains. Sounds like a horrifying premise, and yet? I loved it. I just finished the 2nd book in the wee hours of Sunday morn, and am not going to download the 3rd until I get some things done around the house. Once I start these, it’s really tough to be productive.

So that’s my book review. Love my Nook, and I’m highly entertained by The Hunger Games.
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