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The Bang Bang Theories

The Real Hunger Games

Exhausted and happy the weekend is here. One reason I am happy is that it is promising to be a rainy weekend. Why happy over the rain, you ask? Because of my latest book addiction, The Hunger Games trilogy.

I downloaded the first one to my brand new Nook reader, and devoured it last weekend. And then I waited patiently til this weekend for the 2nd one, knowing that as soon as I start it nothing else will be accomplished.

A friend lent me her book, so I didn’t need to download it (sad face, while I appreciate the freeness of the loan, I love love love reading on the Nook, especially in bed as it lights up and my old-ass eyes don’t need extra lamps turned on and reading glasses).

That’s the weekend plan. I hope to get a lot of rest, I fear I have a compromised immune system and I need to let it gather it’s strength.

Oh, as an aside, we are back on Meatless Month. Except now we’re ramping it up and I’m going vegan, too. So far that is very difficult and it’s only been 1 day. Tonights supper was pea soup and grilled tomato sammichs. It wasn’t the worst, but I think I took too many liberties with the pea soup recipe, compliments of The Healthy Hoff.
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