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The Bang Bang Theories

Meat Frenzy

Other meats we ate this weekend, outside of the 12 oz. ribeye September-kick-off dinner include:

  • Ribs
  • Chicken sammich
  • Wings
  • Ham, cubed up in an omelet
  • Bacon – it was limp and not crispy, the way I like it, so it was very disappointing. Cracker Barrel serves the best bacon, and I should have gone there. Sad face 🙁
  • Sausage – breakfast
  • Hamburger – it was super delicious, but I only ate 1/2 of it
  • French onion soup – maybe they should spell it on’yon (see post below about the apostrophe designating all words as French)
  • Turkey sammich from Jimmy Johns (I really like their California sammich, but wouldn’t miss it without the turkey at all)

We allowed ourselves one weekend of meat-indulgence, and are back on the meat-free wagon come Tuesday morn. We were to begin anew today, but have since decided to enjoy chicken tortilla soup for dinner from our favorite Mexican restaurant.

So, how are we feeling with all that meat? Not as poorly as I had anticipated, but I was meated-out by Sunday night.

It’s been detrimental to my Oprah-approved poops, too. Things have changed this weekend down there, and not for the better. So I’ll be happy to get back to an easier diet, but after the soup. My innards will thank me, I think.
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