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The Bang Bang Theories

Bring Your Appetite

Shopping for my very first time at Meijer in Michigan, I spotted this:
In a CAN, Reader! I morphed into a 12-year-old schoolboy as I guffawed and pointed. And I almost – ALMOST – didn’t pick it up and put it in my cart. The regrets, I woulda had a few.

The label is so very appetizing. Dark spots against a fleshy, spongy backdrop. Who wouldn’t want to put that in their mouth??

I decided then and there that I shall begin a collection of all food products that contain some reference to body parts, the more blushingly bad, the better.

I didn’t even realize I started my collection with this purchase from some tropical island:

It’s not just black, it’s BIG, the label says so.

These items just beg to have a dinner party planned around them. The menu is practically writing itself, Reader.
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