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Knock Boots

We saw Crazy Stupid Love last night and Holy Mother of Mary, I can’t keep my panties up. Two words. One man. Ryan Gosling.

Sorry Bradley Cooper, but I would cheat on you with him. You’ve got to be my #2 now.

Anyone think I can mold Kenny a little to capture some of this magic? Wardrobe? Hairstyle? I vow to make it my end-of-year mission,since I have very little* chance of bringing Ryan Gosling home. I’ll have to adapt what I have.

*note how I use the phrase “very little”, as if there is possibly SOME chance, no matter how minuscule? That’s optimism right there, Reader. OPTIMISM. Glass-half-full-Girl, that’s me.

So that’s where we are today.

Other places we are today are 5 lbs. lighter for me due to Meatless August, and 7 lbs. for Soon-To-Be-Ryan-Gosling-Look-Alike.

I wasn’t able to get back into the day-by-day reporting (I know, I know, you’re disappointed) once I couldn’t do a new page per day, but we’ve been following tightly to our plan. I haven’t really been exercising like I need to, but maybe today? I don’t know why it’s so difficult for me to just do something, but I’m lazy, I guess. I had high hopes of getting up early (by 9ish, that’s early for me, no judging!) but instead? It was 11:30 before I hauled up out of that bed. My Other Half had gone with his friend today, and the house was cold (thanks, central air), the pillow was soft, the bed was big, and it was just too delightful to prompt me to leave all that.

No wonder I have low chances of running into Ryan Gosling and taking him for my lover. Unless he just somehow magically appears next to me in bed, there’s a good chance we won’t cross paths.

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