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The Bang Bang Theories

Nothing Much.

Huh. I can’t add unlimited pages to track my Project 31 results. I know, you’re sad, right? Cause you need to know what I ate for breakfast. and if I stretched. or whatever.

I’ll have to condense and figure this out.

Let it just be noted that nothing special happened on Day 9 or Day 10. Smoothie with spinach. Vitamins. The usual.

Kenny’s lost enough weight to be happy about it, and I made a good start too. I’m hungry now, and am going to go and try to ransack the kitchen. I’m sure I will come up empty handed as there’s nothing there but zucchini and a big bag of tomatoes that just appeared out of nowhere on my kitchen table tonight. For which I’m grateful. And I don’t even care where they came from.

Maybe Twinkle’s been growing tomatoes in the back room, unbeknownst to me.
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