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The Bang Bang Theories

One Man’s Water-Laden Trash….

Can I just invite ’em all in, and they can haul it out for us? Wouldn’t that be the more direct method?

Our watersoaked shit has gotten a lot of pickers today. It’s like Christmas In July! Except not for us. For us, it sucks ass.

This isn’t even 1 section of the basement completed yet. Most of this came from the area where I do laundry, which means I will have A LOT more room in there going forward.

I hate this month, by the way. We’re getting the one-two-three punch. I know, I know, it’s supposed to be the one-two punch, but we’ve gotten socked three times (dead cat, dead grandpa, flooded basement). Really a 5-punch smackdown since we’re counting. I’ve had the bad back, and the sick/in hospice uncle. It’s good to be me. Anyone wanna trade?
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