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The Bang Bang Theories

Why Would ANYONE Care About This??

Saturday Round Up:

1/ Listening to Lady Gaga’s latest CD and it is such a rockin’ little dance that my booty starts to shake before it’s reminded that’s not a good idea due to my engorged spine pieces poking out into my spinal fluid. So my shoulders are getting in on the shimmy & shake, because seriously? It’s so good, you can’t sit still with this pulsating through the house.

2/ Cleaning some things around the house, slowly slowly. Picking up this, moving it to there. Packing things into a laundry basket for Kenny to take to the basement. Kenny’s cleaning floors, doing other things. I’m sorting papers and putting things in various garbage bags. People keep threatening to POP IN and visit me since I’m not my most mobile self, and that inspires us to clean up. Kenny’s “wife” The Hoff may be coming for a visit, so he’s cleaning off the coffee table so his wifey doesn’t see how he really lives. Whatever it takes.

3/ Stanley is STILL hanging in there. He gets a snippet of Zantac before bed, and he’s up and meowing for breakfast by morning. He’s skinny, no doubt, but eating. I put on a pot of chicken for chicken soup today and he smelled it cooking and came in meowing. I put a piece aside for him, he’s very happy about that.

4/ Cats are out on the patio. It’s not 100% cute, but it’s sit-able. My little tomato plant is growing. I’ve remembered to water it.

That’s it for now. More to come later. I’ve regained some strength, time to go and put some shit from Christmas away. Little bits at a time, it will get whipped into shape around here. Maybe.
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