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The Bang Bang Theories

It’s All in the Details

Here it is, a random Wednesday. I’ve been sick. Coughing myself into a headache of Epic (still managing a Charlie Sheen, despite the fact he’s ruining all Charlie Sheen jokes) Proportions. I was home yesterday, and had every intention of going to work today despite the fact that I coughed the entire night and have a raw throat as a result. However, I exhausted myself taking a shower so I just plopped my ass in the recliner and here I sit. Typing absolutely nothing that even matters to anyone.

Stanley is acting out of sorts with his asshole again. It started a couple of days ago, picky eating and hiding in a corner of the room. Last night I had Kenny take him back to Vet #1, the local dudes, where he got a steroid and a pain med. I am only hoping that it reduces whatever swelling is going on making it difficult for him to poop, and a little more comfortable. He’s better today. He ate some chicken, and is now laying in his usual spot, which is on my lap and half of the computer keyboard. I fear The Worst is coming around the bend, and I HATE The Worst. But at the moment, it’s okay, and I’m focusing on that.

A few other things that have been on my mind/causing me a little anxiety:


I don’t understand my new health care program that I signed up for from work. It’s new to me, and I don’t get it. I don’t know who my coverage is through. I don’t know how to make a doctors appointment, because I don’t know my plan.

I know this sounds stupid – how can I not know my plan? – but it’s changed, and I picked something different than my normal thing because it’s a cheaper monthly out-of-pocket, and I just don’t understand it now.

Also? I had a health care money thing last year, where I put money into an HSA, but didn’t spend it all, so I think – but am not sure – that I have some money there I could use.

The details of my life are a complete shambles.

I need to make a gyno appointment. It’s been so long (again) that the health care place sent me letters about going and getting my snatch and boobies checked out. I thought I would do that today, while I sit here, but can’t seem to get it figured out.

2/ The House. We started re-arranging it over the weekend, but didn’t finish and now it, too, is in a shambles. I’m too much out of sorts to do anything other than look around at it all for the past 2 days.

3/ Money. Worried about it, always seem to be stretched a little too tight. How can I make a decent living, but be living so week-to-week? It stinks. I squander, I know, but not really. I think I have too much allocated to my 401k, out of fear of having to be a Denny’s Waitress when I’m 65. Always a trade-off somewhere.

That’s all. Not winning, or even mildly amusing. I’ve got no wit today.

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