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UPDATE: I’ve been informed by CSA partner that we “are not old! We are Urban Cool!!” So there you have it. I’m Urban Cool.

So. EXCITED. And this, Reader, is how it will become crystal-clear to you that I am seriously, smack-dab, no-more-denying-it, in the heart of Middle Age.

I’m excited because I’m in the process of joining my first CSA. For all of you out there who aren’t part of the Cool Crowd who knows what that means (ahem. I was part of that crowd up until Friday), it’s a Community Supported Agriculture group. Meaning, my friend The Hoff and I are going in half-sies to buy twenty weeks worth of produce and conflict-free eggs from our local (local being used in the loosest sense of the word, they are a good long drive from the city) farm, Murray Hill Farms. And we are all hopped up with excitement about it!! Whoo-hoo, FRESH BEETS! And Guinea-hen EGGS! Eggs from hens who were allowed to walk around in GRASS, and eat the foods as nature intended, without the additive of arsenic.

Reader, I won’t bore you with more details about it, but I will say this: I’m far, far, far from being a healthy eater. I enjoyed many many Reese’s peanut butter eggs last night (in my defense, they were teensy-weensy, “fun-sizers”). However. I am trying – hard – to lean into better healthy habits this year. I will not adhere to sweeping overhauls, I know myself. That’s the key: Know Your Limits, Work Within Them. Do what’s do-able.

So how have I been leaning into better health?
  • We’ve eliminated 95% of our soda consumption for the past year and a half.
  • We’ve 100% eliminated aspartame from our food intake.
  • Purchased a Vitamix last summer, and have been using it to create healthy breakfast concoctions filled with fruits and my Juice Plus vitamins. Have had sporadic consistency for the past year, working to be better.
  • Taking a multi-vitamin every day, starting last week. Striving for consistency. So far, so good.
  • Today? Joining a CSA.

None of this is a weight-loss effort, so stop analyzing my photos. I am who I am at this moment. Tomorrow’s, or next week’s, or next year’s moment may look differently. But today? I’m trying to be the best I can be today.

And while I was going to end this on a Charlie Sheen note, I just want to point out that my friend Murdoch and I were making Sheen-jokes waaaay before the rest of the nation caught on. Now, it’s overdone, thanks to Charlie Machine himself. He just couldn’t shut up and let us write his material.
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