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The Bang Bang Theories

More Catbutt

I’m sure you’re tired of all the asshole posts. But that’s what’s consuming my life at the moment. I’m worried about what’s coming out of it, what’s not coming out of it, if Stanley’s able to poop, what I’m going to do if he’s not able to poop.

The weekend has consisted of:
  1. Cleaning up (trying to clean up, that is) small dots of bloody butt around the floor
  2. Enticing Stanley to eat a number for concoctions mixed with Ducolax, a stool softener, to help ease his pooping experience
  3. Spraying Lanacane on Stanley’s butthole throughout the day to hopefully numb the area and make it easier to poop
I’ve had what is at this particular time considered to be good news: I’ve had to pick up some small poops on the floor. That’s good news because I know that some poops are passing through his butt, so it’s not complete blockage. The poops that come out are hard little nuggets, and look like they’ve been out in the open for weeks. But they haven’t, that’s just how packed up he must be in here. Poor, poor Stanley’s Butt.

So I’m hoping the Ducolax is going to help. He takes it pretty well, actually, and I make sure I get some milk down him with a syringe, which will also bring about diarrhea so hopefully things will begin to get a little easier to pass.

The only issue I can see is that the other cats are finishing up Stan’s uneaten, Ducolax-laden food. I am awaiting loose stool drops all around the house.

If that happens, I’m just picking up and moving rather than trying to clean up this place. I will throw down the white flag of surrender.
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