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The Old Man Is Snoring

If you haven’t heard by now, it rained throughout our vacation. But! One day, the sun tried it’s darndest to peek through:

And when it did? Six thousand people emerged, too. Not an open spot to be found on any of the upper decks.

That’s just a snippet of the folks who were out. I managed to find a little spot in a nook on one of the decks that had a couple of vacant chairs and was sequestered away from little crumb-grinders (a.k.a., squalling kids) and I plopped myself down and read my book, and tried my darndest to process some Vitamin D. I worry about that, it seems to be something that’s in the news lately, Vitamin D deficiencies. So I do my part to find sunshine.

Mostly, though, it looked like this:

I wish I could say that was a re-touched photo, but it’s not. It was really that drab.

Notice rain spots on shirt and wet-rat hairdo:

So not every vacation can be a hit. It was still a vacation, and I’m privileged to have been able to travel once again. So suck it, Rain. You’re not gonna get me down. But I do acknowledge that it’s not nearly as much fun to be stuck indoors on a cruise ship. I’ve never minded at-sea days before, in fact I normally love them, but I’ve learned that I love them only when I can sit in the sun and read for hours and hours. Sitting in my room isn’t nearly as much fun, although there is room service, which is a plus.

p.s., I read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It’s a good thing I was sequestered with it, it forced me to get past the first 150 slow-moving pages and then it picked up and was a good fun roller-coaster ride. I couldn’t wait to hit the airport and pick up the 2nd one, which is calling my name right now.
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