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More Cushion for the Pushin’

Here we are, back from vacation. Already. Blink. Gone. Next. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we have some Vacation Things worth discussing. Well, I’m not sure that you’ll agree, but these are the little nuggets that I saved up just for you.

While on our most fabulous cruise ship, The Oasis of the Seas, we enjoyed luxury accommodations in a Grand Suite. We enjoyed them because last year while we were in Alaska we booked this cruise and at that time I was high on Vacation Life, where money is no object! And the good times roll! And it’s the nation of Why Not! And my life mantra, “If not now, WHEN? If not us, WHO?” came into play. So we did. And then it was too late to downgrade to a much more sensible balcony stateroom because they were all sold out so we were stuck with our Grand Suite. Hardships, I know.

So what part of the Grand Suite made the price almost worth paying??

This was on the bed:

A fucking pillow menu. I thought Kenny was joshing me when I asked him what lovenote was on the bed and he said, “It’s a pillow menu.” When I realized it wasn’t a josh, but a truth, I heard the herald of angel trumpets and saw glitter fall from the sky.

I love pillows. It’s a bane of our bedtime existence, as I enjoy ensconcing myself in them and Kenny is of the one-lone-pillow persuasion.

Naturally, I got right on the phone with housekeeping and ordered me up a body pillow.

My side of the bed? Well, it looked like this:

p.s. – note the one-lone-pillow off to the side, with a head-indent? Guess who.

See how I fit perfectly right in the middle of it all:

Restful, blissful, cushiony sleep. Like I was sleeping on a cloud.

2 thoughts on “More Cushion for the Pushin’

  1. I am sick with jealousy!!!! All I can think about night and day is your pillow menu. I think about which I would choose, if there is a limit to how many you can get, if I could only get so many which ones would I choose, what if I could only get one . . . this is keeping me awake! I thought I liked shoes. I thought I liked dessert. I thought I liked wine. I had no idea how much I love pillows!!! Thank you for starting a new fetish in my life.

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