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The Bang Bang Theories

Go Your Own Way

Changes at work announced today. Find out tomorrow a.m. how that impacts my world. I *hope* it’ll be to my benefit. That’s what I’m telling the Universe, so it must be so.

Speaking of telling the Universe things, today I had this thought, “I haven’t heard from ~insert girl name here~ in months, I wonder what she’s up to?” and then she called about an hour later. Coincidence? I think not.

I really had better work on keeping my thoughts sweet. They are pretty powerful shit. I’m just so bitchy by nature, it’s hard to keep pretty thoughts in my head.

Kenny told me something to the effect that it’s no wonder I have no friends, I’m such a bitchy person. I informed him that I have the amount of friends I want to have, thanks very much, and find most people to be disappointing overall. The older I get, the more I realize why old people die alone. You just get tired of the bullshit and realize that people get a little too happy when they can put you down.

Cynical? Eh. What’s it to you.

I go on vacation Saturday. If my mood is any indicator, I will be in full-fledged “spraying out of my blowhole” mode about then. At least I haven’t eaten a packet of birth control pills to try and trick my vagina this time. It can flow at it’s own pace.
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