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Pow! Right In The Kisser

So, back to my twat. Twat tales, we’ll call ’em. I know, I know, you’re excited now. I’ll pause a moment while you go get a cuppa coffee and a muffin.


Okay. Now we’re all set.

Saturday night was my 25th High School Reunion, as you’ll recall from my previous post. Part of my “natural look” for the event involved having a professional face applied, and therefore I had an appointment at The Powder Room. I’d read about this place in a magazine some time ago and bookmarked it for special events needs, and lo and behold, I finally had a need.

While using the powder room at The Powder Room, I noticed this on the back of the toilet:

Bidet-in-a-Bottle starter kit?? And it was just out there, opened up for all guests to just give their twats a little squirt when they were finished up with their lady business. I especially loved the logo design:

There’s no mistaking where the Sweet Spot is. Nope, it’s right there – right in the Bermuda Triangle.

I pondered using it or not. It was sort of skeevy. I mean, it’s public-consumption twat spray. That’s a little intimate, isn’t it? What if someone had actually touched their vagina lips with the bottle? Or really wedged it up there to get a squirt?

After a bit of an internal debate, I knew this would only have one outcome, and that of course I would have to give my vagina a refresher from the bidet-in-a-bottle. I gave it a few squirts. It felt good. Balanced. Right there in the old Sweet Spot.

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