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The Bang Bang Theories

Shuffling Along

I travelled to Denver Thursday/Friday for work. The work part of the trip was brief (about four hours worth of work was accomplished) but the good part came in with the gossiping amongst us co-workers. One of the girls on the trip had just started dating after a five year time-out, and she’s been out with a dude twice now. Twice. And on the second date he bought her an iPod.

We were all questioning his motives and said it was too much, too soon and he’s trying to “buy” her with gifts and the younger girl in the group hesitated and asked, “Well….was it a Shuffle or a Nano?” It was determined that it was okay to accept the Shuffle as a gift on the second date, but not a Nano. Just so you know, if you’re ever in this predicament to accept or not accept an iPod on the second date.

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