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The Bang Bang Theories

Post-Holiday Wrap Up

Another Christmas passes by. As far as holidays go, it was a rather nice one for us. After all the gift-worry, it all turned out just fine. Kenny likes his jacket (or so he says!), my Major Award from him was a bee-u-tee-ful diamond necklace:

It’s really quite pretty, and heavy with diamonds, princess cuts on the inside and brilliant round on the outside. Considering I wasn’t even that good this year, it’s a pretty nice gift!

Kenny’s mom got me a fantastic gift, a sewing machine. I literally squealed with delight when I opened that surprise. Now, who knows what I’m going to do with it, but since I took a sewing class last year I’ve been thinking it would be nice to have a machine. Maybe next year I’ll make quilts for everyone for Christmas! I’d better get started RIGHT NOW if that’s the plan. Everyone will end up with potholders…I know me and my craft-record. Great ideas that amount to nothing more than a bunch of fabric stuffed in a bag in a back closet. But my possibilities with a new sewing machine are now endless! Kenny got Rock Band for Wii. We have Rock Band for the X-box, and have only used it once or twice. We definitely need a video gaming room.

All-in-all, it was a good Christmas weekend with much time spent with those we love. I haven’t seen my nephews yet, but hopefully I’ll get out there before next Christmas.

Now all that’s left is to clean up the rubble. My house is seriously bordering on being worthy of an episode of Hoarders. I’m going to get off of here shortly and go through it with a large trash bag and Make Things Happen around here. How does it get this bad?? I don’t really know, other than a complete disregard for putting anything away for about three weeks straight. Maybe I’ll post before & after photos. I also have to get my New Years resolutions written up, still need to write a speech for Nerd Club, and get my laundry in order since we leave for Vegas Wednesday night. I upgraded our asses to First Class. Cost a bunch of miles and $50 – but we don’t have First Class upgrades yet for the return trip home, but I’m going to put that request out to the Universe and not give it another thought.

The little baby black kitty got declawed last Tuesday. She’s still walking around very tentatively on her little cat feet, and we’ve taken to carrying her around. And bringing her food and water to her. About six o’clock in the morning I woke up very worried, the Baby was in the same spot on the bed where she had been for hours. She only moves on an as-needed basis with her sore tootsies. So I got up and brought her a glass of cold water, so she could drink in bed. She enjoyed that. Then Kenny carried her to her litter box. She promptly hopped out, but she is definitely a little tender foot. I feel so badly for her and really hate the declaw, but I know it’s for the Greater Good, with the Greater Good being my leather furniture.

Alrightie, I’m ready to get busy around here. I do have turkey roasting in the oven and it smells wonderful. I’m like June Cleaver, only without the housecleaning gene. Well, ya can’t have it all.

Hope everyone had a very good holiday! Can’t wait to read your updates. Post pictures. Entertain me.

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