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The Bang Bang Theories

The Original Cougar Town

Little by little, Kenny is beginning to perform with a band called Player’s Club. Practice has been limited to date, so he only jumps up with them for a few songs. Their first gig has been at the Rockside Road Holiday Inn lounge, which is a microcosm of life that just begs for intense people-watching. What’s beyond The Cougar?? Well, whatever that label is needs to be applied here. The women are beyond their 40’s, the men are welllll beyond their 50’s and they’re all just lookin‘ for love. Kenny called it the Island of Misfit Toys. But they come out, any night of the week, and dance dance dance. That floor is crowded! And I love to sit back and watch how Dancing With The Stars has inspired a nation.

So Wednesday night Kenny jumped onstage towards the end of the night and sang a little Neil Diamond and played a little harmonica. I’ve captured it here for your enjoyment. Next time I’m going to try and capture the movers and the shakers on the dance floor. No, not to mock them – but simply so you too can enjoy the moment.

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