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What Annoys Kenny

Kenny’s on a rampage, and it all revolves around television commercials. The first one that sets him off is for State Farm insurance, which starts with a little kid singing. It’s not the fact that a little kid is singing (although that can be annoying on it’s own), it’s that they didn’t catch the glitch in the lyrics. The kid sings, “You and I must make a pack.” A pack, People. The editors didn’t catch that. Kenny’s response is always the same, as his head spins a little and spittle gathers at the corners of his lips as he shouts, “A PACK OF WHAT?? A WOLF PACK?? JEZZUSCHRIST HOW FUCKING STUPID THAT THEY LET THAT GO – IT’S A PACT! A PACT!!” Shame on you, State Farm. I wonder if we can get coverage for Kenny’s blood pressure, which is surely going to explode his head one day.

His other favorite? The one with the Wilson brother – Luke, who needs a new hairdo by the way – for AT&T. He throws the postcards on the map of the United States, and as he says, “Akron, Ohio” he tosses it down somewhere near Tennessee. Not. Even. Close. Luckily we have a DVR and Kenny’s able to rewind it and really get his ire worked up into a froth. In fact, it’s ON RIGHT NOW and he’s getting twitchy.

One thought on “What Annoys Kenny

  1. Bwah ha ha. I haven't noticed either of those glaring errors, but now I'll never see either of those commercials the same way again.

    Right now, those stinkin' Gap ads are the ones incurring my wrath. Stop. With. The. Clapping. And. Perkiness.

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