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The Bang Bang Theories

7000 Pulses Per Minute

Seems the latest gimmick they’re selling to women is vibrating mascara. Are we really that easily influenced and titillated by anything that vibrates? Perhaps so, because I shelled out $14.99 to test out the new Maybelle Pulse Perfection mascara. I could not resist the allure of a vibrating wand.

Now, I do have plenty of mascara, with my favorite to-date being Avon Wash-Off Waterproof mascara. But I wanted to see the magic that the vibrating wand promised, so I figured nothing less than a mascara test-off would do. So here you have it, in pictures, to come to your own conclusion of weather or not the vibrating wand delivers better than it’s competitors. In this case, I went toe-to-toe with an over-the-counter brand from Clinique High Impact mascara. Around the same price and the same promise of flirty, non-clumpy lashes.

Here we are, unfettered by cosmetics, in unabashed and undefined glory. Sheesh, my eyebrows could use a shaping, too, by the way.

I gave each eye the same prep work, with a simple curl with the eyelash curler, under-eye concealer (wowza, I’ve got some dark circles!) and basic business make-up.

Here is the result from one eye with the Clinque brand:

Not too bad, the eyelashes are visible and not too clumpy.

Now here’s the left eye, after the application of mascara with the vibrating wand:

I do have to say I see a difference. The difference is even more apparent below (Clinique on my right side – your left looking at this – and Magical Vibrating Wand on the other, underneath the seductive bang-sweep):

Worth the $14.99 and the excitement of holding a vibrating wand in your hand in public? I’m going to have to say that yes, the vibrator is worth it. See for yourself ladies. While you’re at it, get yourself a vibrating razor and there’ll be no reason whatsoever to leave the bathroom – except, of course, to bat your lashes and flirt a little.

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