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The Bang Bang Theories

Find One That Sticks

Well, 5 days into New Cats In The House and we still haven’t settled on names. Toby has become Indy, then Jonesie, then Boy Cat (which really doesn’t work because we have 2 other boy cats), back to Toby and Lanky.

The Horrible Orange Cat has been tested out with Buffy (her ‘given’ name is Muffy, but we hate that), Pippi (recommendation based on orange hair and Pippi Longstocking being the coolest girl ever because she had a horse and a monkey), The Orange Cat, Cuntie Kitty and who knows what else. Nothing is sticking.

Inexcusable, really. We need to settle on some names and then use them, otherwise the cats will end up in therapy and in the end blame their parents for all their troubles. And frankly, I don’t need another helping of Catholic Guilt, especially since I’m not getting the benefit of heaven and all the jazzy promises that come with practicing Catholicism. Maybe we’ll name one Jesus, only we’ll pronounce it like the Mexicans do: Hey-Zeus. Actually, that’s kinda cute.

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