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The Bang Bang Theories

Cat Nursing

I feel like I’m running a cat hospice. My time at home is spent tending to Widda’s comfort. I’m frankly surprised she’s hung on this long, I didn’t give odds past Tuesday, but here we have it at Thursday and she’s still holding on.

I carry her around on a pillow so she is completely comfortable, with no pressure points on her little cat body. She purrs like crazy when we tuck her in between us at night. She doesn’t seem to be in pain, more or less just disgruntled.

She comes out for feeding time, licks some food a bit and then lays down. She can walk and jump on/off the bed, don’t get the impression that she’s an invalid because I carried her on a pillow. That was just an added touch of nursing care.

I’m worried what Friday will bring. I’m not going to be home Friday night, I have tickets to see Mary Poppins downtown with my friend Joanne, and we are spending the night there at The Marriott. We’re using up my last free room offer. I also have some gift certificates to Divine Wine so we’ll make a night of it. All the while the Widda’s at home. At least Kenny will be here with her.

Saturday we have two summer party invitations. I just don’t see how Widda dying is going to fit into my weekend so she better just decide to fight and hang on. Damn, it’s been a tough cat week.

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