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The Bang Bang Theories

More Of The Same.

It’s been a week. I was semi “single” most of the week, Kenny was busy getting a new singing gig up and running for a Wednesday night Little Italy performance. Then he went to Southern Ohio Thursday & Friday. He tried to persuade me to go, but alas, I could not due to my work schedule, so I was a loner. I worked a lot, came home and immediately put on my pajamas and fell asleep. This was my schedule Tuesday-Thursday. I decided that starting August 1st, I needed to Get A Life. We got up early Saturday morning to take my little black cat to the vet, came home from that and promptly took a three hour nap. Maybe I’ll get a life tomorrow.

So regarding the vet, my little black cat Widda is in dire straits. She, too, has some form of tumors/cancer in her stomach. They filled her under the skin with some electrolytes, and gave her a steroid to stimulate her appetite. We weren’t ready to put her to sleep today. That’s not how I want to start August. Although I do believe it’s just postponing the very soon inevitable. Well, that’s a stressor for another day. But maybe that’s why I’m so sluggish, I’ve just got a lot of pet problems weighing me down. I’ll be down to one cat of my own after this – just me & Twinkle against the world. And Kenny’s cats, of course, but my own herd is getting thinned quickly. Drat.

We went to Sam’s Club today to purchase some solar lights for the yard. A hundred and eighty dollars later, I forgot to even look at the lights, but have quite an assortment of fresh fruit for the week, including black globe seedless grapes, green grapes, two kinds of cherries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. We should be shitting like a goose by Sunday night.

Rounded out the day by seeing a couple of movies, The Hurt Locker and The Orphan. Both were good, but I have to say The Hurt Locker was so tangible, it made my insides ache for what’s going on with our soldiers in Iraq. We need to get the fuck outta there. Really powerful movie. The Orphan, well, there were a lot of brotha’s in the movie, and they laugh through scary movies which made it much more comically tolerable. I wasn’t scared, and it was actually kinda good, too. No nightmares for me! Speaking of which, my three hour nap from this afternoon has plumb worn off so I’m heading back to bed with my Widda. Getting in all the snuggling while we can. Literally living on borrowed time with her.

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