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The Bang Bang Theories

Cruisin’ Towards Home

Hello, Hello! Here we are, winding down on our very fun vacation – last night 🙁

It’s been a whirlwind of a week! We’ve been jampacked busy, with Monday night getting settled on the ship and then stops Tues/Wed/Thursday. Tuesday we spent the day at Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. They’ve started opening the resort up to cruise passengers, so for a small (?) fee we had beach and other resort privileges. For some odd reason I was fixated on perhaps seeing Miley Cyrus there…. but no such adventure. It was HOT on the beach and I willingly paid $30 for a beach umbrella to hide under. We drank coconut drinks out of coconuts, swam around, drank a gallon of sea water (the waves were a little fierce) , ate lunch and called it a day. I was ready for a nap. That’s the only difference we’ve really had – I’m a napper after a long hot sunfilled day of excursion and Joanne is not a napper. I think I’ve had an influence on her, though, because today she laid down and napped when we got in from Key West. I knew that I could convert her to my lazy ways!

On Wednesday we stopped at Royal Caribbean’s private island, Coco Cay. It’s one of my fave spots, so I was happy about that. We rented floating mats and drifted around on them for part of the day, sipping Coco-loco’s in between. I think this is where I got my doozy of a sunburn, despite the heavy and frequent slathering of sunblock. My boobies are on fire, to say the least. Pictures to come when we get home, I know you’re excited to see those!

Today was Key West. We bought trolly tour tickets which included a stop at the Truman House and Hemingway House. Both were fun, Truman House was really interesting. Petted some cats at Hemingway House. Then our trolly bus broke down and we were literally herded out to the side of the road where we waited a good 20 minutes for another bus to come by and pick us up. This put us way behind on our drinking agenda – we had to make up for lost time. Next stop, Margaritaville, where we indulged in cheeseburgers in paradise and margaritas, of course!

From there we walked back to the ship, stopping at Sloppy Joe’s for a to-go beer. I got licked there, but that’s another story…..Joanne just laughed 🙂

Tonight, Joanne won 1st place in the casino slot tournament! Unfortunately, the prize was supposed to be a free cruise, but they didn’t have enough players so 1st place payed out cash instead – $150. Still a fun little win, just too bad not a cruise! I didn’t even qualify, except perhaps for low score. However, I did win $400 on the first night on a slot machine, and then got 3 sevens playing 3-card poker, which paid over $300. So that was a good night of action. We’re going back to try some last-night luck.

At $0.55/minute, that’s it for now. More to come, with pictures.

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