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The Bang Bang Theories

A Far Away Land

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are playing Tourists this weekend and will be travelling to the far-away city of Cleveland. Yep, we’re spending the night downtown. Back around Christmas I won a raffle basket of various gift cards and one of the prizes included 2 nights at the Downtown Marriott. Now, I don’t need to spend two nights in a hotel five miles from my house, but it could be fun for one night, and since we have a show at the Playhouse we are going to make the most of it. Taking our swimsuits just in case we need to hot tub ourselves at midnight. Just in case. That’s a joke between us, because we NEVER do anything like that, but I always pack for it just in case. One thing I found interesting, the brochure for the Marriott actually touted one of the perks as being “near the beach.” In Cleveland?? Really? I mean, I know we’ve got the great Lake Erie, but who would flock here for our beaches?? I guess ya have to tout what you’ve got, and apparently that made the list. Our room woulda cost us $169. I’m hoping to use the 2nd night for an overnight Girl Trip downtown one summer evening. Nothing on the certificate said the nights had to be consecutive. I’ll argue that one if I must.

So we’re doing a few things around the house before we head downtown, just to take care of a few things. So far we haven’t accomplished much. I made a huge brunch for us, including sauteed kale with garlic and onion, BLT’s, a side of hominy and some orange slices. We are going to have dinner somewhere downtown, maybe Sushi Rock or Metropolitan Cafe. Trying not to spend a fortune, but also have a little fun. We have tickets to see Chelsey Handler perform tonight, which should be very entertaining.

Friday night I attended Verb Ballets at the Cleveland Public Theater with my friend Katie. Kenny’s only question when I said I was going to the ballet was “I don’t have to go with you, do I???” It was really pretty darn good. A friend from high school is a ballerino (the masculine form of ballerina) and he choreographed part of it so I went to support the team. And see him for the first time since my high school reunion four years ago.

That’s all for Writings From The Recliner for now. I must get scrubbed and presentable for my big night out downtown.

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