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The Bang Bang Theories

If Not Now, When?

I’ve been thinking about buying a house. Giving it some seriously hard thought, actually, not just a passing fancy of thought. It’s a hard decision; buying a house would definitely infringe on spur-of-the-moment, never-pass-up-a-cute-purse lifestyle. But really, how many cute purses does a girl actually need (well, maybe that’s not a good question to pose).

A co-worker, who recently sold her house after having it on the market for over a year, advised against it. She pointed out, “it’s easier to get rid of a husband than it is to get rid of a house nowadays.” Getting rid of my husband was hard, expensive work, while my house went quickly. Huh. Plus, she pointed out that the $8k tax credit would be spent right up in the first year, especially since I currently don’t pay anything for where I live – it will be a huge shock to my system.

But I’ve always wanted a house with a pool. And granite countertops.

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