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The Bang Bang Theories

Winding Down…

It’s Friday, and we’re winding down on vacation. Two more days at sea, and then it’s home on Sunday…I won’t be sad to get home, I miss the cats. If they could just ship ’em here, I’d be all set. So far, the trip has been FUN, but not The Most Fun Ever. The Caribbean is still my favorite – nicer beaches, nice weather. Just prettier all over there. I tried to sit out on my balcony this a.m. (it’s Friday at 11:25 a.m. here) and was too cold to stay out there. It was hot yesteday in Puerto Vallara, which is my favorite stop of the trip – super duper pretty.

Since I had managed to get sun poisoned from my 1 day in the sun (Wednesday, we stayed on the ship and didn’t even get off in Mazatlan, it looked like a hole) I didn’t want a beach excursion. We took a 3 hour tour of the city, which was perfect and really fun. Kenny made a new friend during our tour of puerto vallarta, some dude from Australia who creates video games. He was nice, we had dinner with him and I think Kenny was on the brink of proposing. Not to me 🙂 Cabo was a good time, from what I remember…..had FAR FAR too many margaritas and really was passed out when we got back to the room. The worst part of the drinks in Cabo was waking up after I slept it off and discovering all the stupid shit I purchased while I was there. Oh, laugh now, but you won’t be laughing when it shows up on your doorstop or desktop as a little vacation “gift” from me – haha! I’ve got all sorts of shit that seemed like a good idea to purchases after 11 margaritas!

Now we’re having our last 2 days at sea. So far I’ve gotten up and showered and now this. I’m pretty lazy on vacation. Kenny went down and did the last bout of the slots tournament, but did really bad (only 19 players, you’d think those were pretty good odds), but while he was waiting his turn, he played video poker and just won $4000 with a royal flush!. That helped out his financial situation A LOT!So that’s a quick update from the edge of the Pacific.

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