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The Bang Bang Theories


Hello Hello!! I know you must be on pins and needles waiting to hear from me! Well, here I am – in Mazeltan or something of that nature. Trip so far has been mucho fun, but the weather hasn’t been my cuppa vacation tea. But let’s start at the beginning, with a brief recap (.47cents/minute, People).

Saturday we had an early morning flight into LA. Flight was fine. Weather in LA was in the 60’s or so. Def a step up from Recent Cleveland, however it was probably the same temp in both places over the weekend. We took a shuttle to the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills. Wowwee, what a drive! The homes there are really something to see, and we weren’t even in the most ritziest of areas. HOLY SHIT AN ALARM JUST SOUNDED AND SCARED THE SHIT OUTTA ME! Whew, it was just a drill, but a scary one nonetheless.

Anyway. The Beverly Hills Hotel. Super-cool. Man alive. That’s a whole blog unto itself. The front desk lady escorted us to our room and gave us a tour of it. I’ve never had a hotel room tour before. It’s that swanky.

We strolled the grounds, taking photos and hoping for celebrity sitings. We had lunch poolside and Kenny said, “I think that guy is Marc Anthony.” I said, “Nah, he’s better looking than that pock-marked faced skeleton.” Then, a girl breezed in and I said “Oh, here comes J. Lo.” I was kidding, of course, until she beelined over to Marc Anthony and we realized it really was Jennifer Lopez! So yes, we are saying we had lunch with Marc Anthony & J. Lo. We were only a couple of booths away, afterall, so I’m pretty sure that counts. Kenny saw Ron Wood from the Rolling Stones, but I wouldn’t have recognized him and his 19 year old girlfriend at all – they need to be on The Superficial for me to recognize!

We walked Rodeo Drive, gawked at houses, and went back for a six hour nap in our room. We were jetlagged. We got up late and went to the nightclub, hoping to see someone else or maybe have drinks with our new good friend J. Lo and Marc. We didn’t see ’em, so we went back to our room for room service ($102 for two McCarthy salads and a slice of coconut cake!) and watched a movie. Very exciting 😉

Anyway, enough of that at 47cents/min. More to come later, with pictures and everything!

Cruise is going well, although weather was cool both Sunday & Monday – no pool or laying around reading a book outside. By Tuesday, when we arrived in Cabo, it was warming up. We spent yesterday drinking mucho Wabos in Cabo Wabo. We wiled away 5 hours in that bar – thanks, Joanne (I blamed you for my slight hangover). Our bill for 5 hours of drinking and carrying on was the same as it was in Bev Hills for 2 salads and a slice of cake…

Today, we’ve landed in Mazatlan and are just getting moving around. We’re heading to lunch and then going out to see the island. Nothing much exciting on the excursion front, most things started at 8 a.m. ish, which just isn’t happening in my Vacation World, or they included a mule, a mandatory helmet and goggles. I’m not doing ANYTHING that requires a mandatory helmet on vacation. So our excursions were limited, and the beaches are supposed to be nice, but they are all held by hotels, so you have to pay mucho dinero to get access to the beaches and do it as an excursion. We’re going to self-tour and take advantage of the empty ship this afternoon.

Oh, I did read a fun book – The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. Met all my vacation-reads requirements, complete with some 2 a.m. tears when I finished it up last night.


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