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The Bang Bang Theories


Six things about today, cause I know you’re all very curious.

  1. My friend Meggan brought me a homemade pecan tassie she brought in to work to celebrate her birthday today. I enjoyed her treat for her birthday very much! Happy Birthday Meggan – you can bake for me any day, not just on your birthday!
  2. I honestly thought Meggan was celebrating her 29th birthday. She wasn’t. She turned 35. Which I should have known, because we went to Vegas five years ago to celebrate her 30th and Sally’s 40th birthdays respectively (but not respectably, we saw a somewhat nudie show with semi-clad females swimming around in a giant clear teacup and it was a little erotic, or something). I’m worried about my brain and how I could have forgotten that. I blame the crack.
  3. My breath tasted very bad, that no amount of toothbrushing could cure. It was a lasting effect from the very ornery onions I had last night on my gyro. I gave my coworkers fair warning, however they probably still suffered. I didn’t have many guests in my cube. Maybe that could be a new deterrent system.
  4. I spent the evening at Kym’s house, we had our first group writing session. Fully clothed, not that I want to burst anyones naughty scenarios they may have concocted. Kym served the most delicious dinner of soup with bread & butter and Little Debbie’s Valentine’s Day Snack Cakes for dessert. I talked too much again. And got home too late again. And was ten minutes late again. Well, at least I’m consistent.
  5. Lost started tonight. I have been looking forward to it very much, but missed it since I was at my writing session. I hope it Tivo’d, but am too tired to check it out. I’m going to hope for the best tomorrow.
  6. I was a bit sneezy today, which I hope isn’t a sign of colds to come.

The end.

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