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The Bang Bang Theories


Never ceases to amaze me, the depths that humans can go to fuck things up.

My all-girl gym is a really nice place. It’s not high-falutting fancy, but the owner takes pride in the facility and adds a lot of really nice conveniences. She always decorates for the holidays, from the entrance-way down to the bathrooms. She provides clean towels, well-appointed showers, tampons and air freshners in the bathrooms, and lockers with corresponding locks and keys all free of charge.

Somewhere along the line, enough people have stolen the locks and keys, lost the keys to the locks or locked the keys in the lockers, both of the latter two instances resulting in the gym incurring a fee to get the locks cut off. Four of these instances have irreparably broken lockers, which are now rendered useless. Four instances of locks being cut off. I would ask if people can really be that fucking stupid, but apparently they are. Don’t they realize they are ruining the place they PAY to attend?? Now, locks aren’t provided for free. You have to leave your car keys at the desk and pay fifty cents to get a lock. Or buy and bring your own. Nice going, People. Idiocracy: Mission Accomplished.

Oh, on a last note, they gave me a lock to use for free tonight, they know I’m not part of the problem as I haven’t been there in quite some time. Hmm. It’s comforting to know that my time spent molded to my largeass-making recliner has had some benefit – no errant blame has been cast.

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